Prasad Sutaone, Co-Founder, CEO

Prasad Sutaone is founder of PV Energy Tech. PV Energy tech Founded in 2015 . An extraordinary task master with thorough knowledge in renewable and open access. Known for his sharp financial acumen has driven many successful deals in the open access customers space. Often seeked for consultation by companies, with over 20 years experience in Market Analysis, Budgeting, Bid Management in Power Sector – Distribution Franchisee & EPC Business he has worked in multinationals like Global group exhibits extreme professionalism and is seeked actively both by customers and investors alike.He is a B.E.(Elect),PGDBA and a Chartered Engineer.

Prajakta Zirkande Strategy and Business Development
Enthusiastic, enterprising has extensive pre-sales experience, has been a part in implementing some of the best renewable projects for leading companies.

She is a BE Electrical , MBA Finance and is an excellent customer advocate who clearly understands and acts to drive best benefits for them through her strong financial acumen and organizational skills.