Solar panels are a great investment for the future. Not only will they help you save on energy bills and protect you against rising fuel prices.


Net-metering – potential implementation of distributed generation by incentivizing end-users to adopt localized power generation through Solar System.


PV Energy Tech offers a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure your solar PV system is operating its optimum performance year after year, protecting your return on investment.


PV Energy Tech monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by the sun. Ancient civilizations personified the sun, worshipping it as a God. Throughout history, farming and agriculture efforts have relied upon the sun’s rays to grow crops and sustain populations.

Only recently, however, we have developed the ability to harness the sun’s awesome power. The resulting technologies have promising implications for the future of renewable energy and sustainability.


  • ​Single window solution, in providing Techno Commercial Services in Renewable Sector from Concept to Commissioning.
  • Multi geography-multi skilled resource pool that has extensive technical knowledge coupled with industrial expertise.
  • Customized service solutions to meet the unique needs of clients based on our with rich multi-project experience in the  Energy Sector.​

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